Denver Comic Con 2017 Interview with Author Corinne O’Flynn

Denver Comic Con 2017 Interview with Author Corinne O’Flynn

There were so many great things to see at this past year’s Denver Comic Con. Another author guest I was able to talk with was Corinne O’Flynn. She is the author of the Witches of Tower Hill Series and The Expatriates Series. Check out our interview below.

PewPewCat: What was your inspiration to become an author?

Corinne O’Flynn: I’ve been drawn to books for as long as I can remember. Like many authors, my love of great stories drew me in early. I grew up in a family of readers where books were always important. I began to take writing more seriously in high school and then college, but didn’t aspire to write novels until I was in my twenties. Now that I am an author, I write what I love to read! I write fantasy, paranormal, and mystery.

PPC: What kind of impact would you like to have on your audience?

O’Flynn: My primary goal as a writer is to take my readers for a ride. I don’t really think about much else as far as impact goes. When I am developing a story, I have my eye on building as immersive an experience as possible. I want readers to escape from their daily life and fall into the story. As a kid, this is what made me read. As a writer, it’s definitely what I seek to provide.

PPC: What advice would you give to an aspiring author who doesn’t know where to start?

O’Flynn: Get involved in local writing groups. One of the best ways to make progress and learn is to surround yourself with other people who are doing it too. When you’re just starting out, it’s daunting, and you don’t know what you don’t know. If you’re able to get involved with other writers and discuss story, craft, and the different aspects of publishing is a business, you’ll find starting that much easier. And if there aren’t any local groups, seek out groups online. I am a member of, which is based in Denver. But, there are many organizations that have a presence online with active communities just waiting for you! Aside from that… start where you are. Just write.

PPC: What are your current favorite things to read/watch for inspiration?

O’Flynn: I love watching TV shows that follow complicated characters. Anymore, binge watching can be powerful as an inspiration for storytelling. Anymore, I find that I read and watch with a “writer’s eye.” It’s fun to deconstruct what the writers accomplished in a riveting show or a fantastic book.

PPC: Out of all of the things you have written, what is your favorite thing about your writing or storytelling?

O’Flynn: That’s a tough question! Out of all of the things I have written, my favorite so far is Ghosts of Witches Past, my most recent solo title. It’s the start of a new series that follows a young witch who has the unfortunate ability to see ghosts. Of course, this causes her all kinds of problems and leads her to chase down a mystery. I don’t know which aspect of this story makes it my favorite. Perhaps it’s just that it was so much fun to write. If I had to choose my favorite thing about my own writing, I would have to call on what readers have said most often, which is that the writing is very visual. I find that my favorite things to read are those stories that draw me into their world completely. If I’m able to achieve at least a little bit of that in my own writing, that would definitely be at the top of my list.

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