Denver Comic Con 2017 Interview with Author C.R. Richards

Denver Comic Con 2017 Interview with Author C.R. Richards

There was a lot of talent at this past year’s Denver Comic Con. I also had the opportunity to talk with author C.R. Richards. Richards used to be a food critic, an entertainment reviewer and an editor but has recently published several novels as well. Check out my Denver Comic Con 2017 Interview with Author C.R. Richards below.

PewPewCat: You have been a food critic, and entertainment reviewer and an editor, why did you decide to be an author?

C.R. Richards: I learned a great deal about writing and discipline working for the news media. You’re always working against deadlines and must remain objective, sticking to the facts (back in my day anyway). My stories weren’t hard hitting investigative journalism by any stretch of the imagination. Critiques and feature stories allowed me to use a lighter tone. It was difficult for me as an introvert to ask those probing questions that make a good news story. Even as a freelancer when money was on the line. Probably why I ate Ramen a lot.

Fiction is a completely different world. As an author, I make my pretend world’s realities. I can subtly explore “real world” social issues using fictional characters. My favorite part: exploring the impossible in ways meant to inspire the reader to challenge their own perceptions of reality.

PPC: What advice would you give to an aspiring author who doesn't know where to start?

Richards: Step 1 – Read. Read everything you can get your hands on. Analyzing the work of an experienced pro is the best way to learn the writing craft. Step 2 – Sit down and start writing. It doesn’t matter what or how long. Don’t worry about the quality or grammar (editing comes later). Just write. Step 3 – Join a writer’s organization like Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers – Take some classes and join a critique group. You’ll find you aren’t alone on your learning path.

PPC: What are your current favorite things to read/watch for inspiration?

Richards: I’m addicted to superhero comics, movies, and TV shows. They’re good primers on how to write character internal and external conflicts. Watching the characters overcome these insurmountable challenges is very inspiring.

PPC: What is your favorite thing about your newest novel, The Lords of Valdeon or in general for your Heart of the Warrior series?

Richards: I love the characters in the series. The entity of “Good” isn’t entirely good. In fact, it can be a bit bloodthirsty. Sometimes it doesn’t share its plans with all its servants in the same way at the same time. This puts the human mortals in states of conflict with each other.

The villains in the series have their own internal conflicts. I think it makes them more relatable to the reader.

PPC: What kind of impact would you like to have on your audience?

Richards: My main goal is to inspire people to go out and make their own dreams happen. They have the ability to initiate change and make the world a better place than they found it.

Secondary to my main goal – I want my readers to be carried away in a great story.

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