Denver Comic Con 2017 Highlights

Denver Comic Con 2017 Highlights

Denver Comic Con came as quickly as it went by, but the coverage is just starting to come in. Take a look at my Denver Comic Con 2017 highlights!

This year, the convention floor had a bit of a shakeup which was a welcomed sight. Right when you walked through the main entrance of the convention floor, there was the indie gaming area. This was by far my favorite area to be in. Dire Wolf Studios was also there with a pretty interesting display of not only their mobile games, but with their tabletop games like Clank as well. Clank is very fun and totally worth checking out. To the right of the main entrance was the large Celebrity Summit area.  Past the first row with the indie games, was a bit of the merchant area. In the middle there was three large rows of Artist Alley, my second favorite area. Beyond that were more merchants and the Breckenridge Brewery tent. On Saturday and Sunday, they opened up the back wall and made a food court as well.

I really enjoyed the set up this year though. The fact that the merchants weren’t the first things you saw when you walked through the door was a breath of fresh air. It made it to where the average person was forced inward and got a chance to look at the video games and the artists instead of just the giant merchants. I also really enjoyed how the setup was for this year when it came to the photo ops. I found it worked pretty well, getting people in and out of that area as quickly as possible.

Overall, this year was a blast. There were so many great and wonderful cosplays to look at and admire. I loved the artist selection this year as well as the indie games. It was a fantastic year and I can’t wait for next year. Stay tuned for more coverage of DCC2017!

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