Denver Comic Con 2016

One of my favorite things about being a geek is being able to go to events and celebrate my fandoms with others as geeky as me. Fortunately, living in the Denver metro area I have access to such events and the biggest one is coming up soon.

12923371_10207045666914429_5296820984737956818_nDenver Comic Con is not only the biggest pop culture convention in Colorado, but one of the biggest in the United States. It is a convention that I have attended since it’s beginning in 2012 and with each passing year I fall in love with it more and more. Between the sights, the sounds, the people and mission of this convention, I can’t help but to always continually look forward to this convention.

What sets Denver Comic Con apart from other major conventions, is that it benefits Pop Culture Classroom, a nonprofit organization that creates and delivers curriculum to classrooms using the power of pop culture. Their goal is to spark a passion for learning and build connections in the community by using pop culture. It’s a wonderful organization that has touched and inspired so many.

The wonderful part of Denver Comic Con, is that it is for anyone. People of all ages are welcome to attend this amazing event. They have an area specifically for children to come, learn, color and create while listening to the voice actors or artists from their favorite shows, teach them their trade. On top of that, there’s a section for teens to come an hang out as well. It’s fun for the whole family.

12933021_10207045666834427_8767558763473243457_nOver all, Denver Comic Con has become one of my favorite places to be even though it’s only three days out of the year. Thankfully, they have small events throughout the year, yet nothing compares to the real deal. When one walks onto the floor at the convention center and sees the hard work and dedication that everyone who is apart of this organization has put into Denver Comic Con, they can’t help but awestruck. It’s one of my favorite sights.

Denver Comic Con is coming to us June 17th-19th to the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Get your tickets at .

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