Denver Comic Con 2016 Sunday

Denver Comic Con 2016 Sunday

Denver Comic Con 2016 Sunday was just as exciting as the other days; even though I was so exhausted I ended up crying. It was a bittersweet day as I pulled up to the Colorado Convention Center since even though I was tired and wanted to go hide in my bed, I didn’t want the convention to end.

Denver Comic Con 2016 SundayYet, it was an excellent day regardless of how tired I was. I got to meet someone I had idolized since the first Iron Man movie came out. That’s right, I got to meet Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) and get my Pop Figure signed by him. Even though I stood in line for almost two hours, I got to talk to and meet some interesting people as we snaked through the lines. Thankfully, Clark Gregg sat there and went though as many people as he could before he went to his next obligation.

While in line though, when I was trying to get my LTE to connect on my phone to show the guy next to me a picture off of Facebook, the security guard for Clark Gregg almost jumped on me. Luckily I told him that I wasn’t taking pictures, I was trying to get my crappy Internet service to work to show the guy a picture, and he backed off. It was funny though. I showed everyone in line that picture. It was awesome.

Yet meeting Clark Gregg was pretty cool too. The guy next to me was so nervous he forgot his post-it note with his name on it and I kind of giggled at him, which made Clark Gregg giggle at him too. I then kind of asked if Clark was enjoying Denver and he told me he was. Did you know that they put the “official” stickers onto things that Clark Gregg’s autographs? I didn’t. So now I have a small hologram sticker on my Pop figure signed by Clark Gregg himself. It’s official.

Later that day I also stood in line for a picture with him. I wasn’t nervous for Hayley Atwell at all, but I sure was nervous for Clark Gregg. So when it was my turn, it felt like he wanted to say more to me but all he said was, “It was nice to see you again.” I may have almost cried out of excitement for that. I mean, HE REMEMBERED ME FROM THE AUTOGRAPH LINE! I may have been beaming after that.Denver Comic Con 2016 Sunday

Also that day, I talked to a few artists that I was drawn to. Michael Banks was one of those artists with his Sugar Fueled collection of his big black-eyed fairytale characters and big black-eyed animals. The cats are what drew me over to him in the first place so I mustered up the courage to talk to him. On top of that, there were a few others that I talked to. Interviews to come soon.

Either way, when I left the convention floor later that day, I was sad that Denver Comic Con 2016 Sunday, had come as quickly as it had gone. Yet I was thankful for the new connections I had made and the experiences that I had. Until next year Denver Comic Con, I will be waiting.

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