Denver Comic Con 2016 Saturday

Denver Comic Con 2016 Saturday

Denver Comic Con 2016 Saturday was a tough one for me. Not only was I already feeling the 6 miles I had walked the day before, but also I was feeling the pressure of being able to meet the actress of the character I named my precious kitten after.

Denver Comic Con 2016 SaturdayThat’s actually the first thing that I did was went to stand in line for Hayley Atwell’s autograph. I was the second person in the normal line waiting for her to first appear, which we didn’t have a single solitary clue when that was going to happen. Thankfully, it wasn’t a long wait.

I didn’t expect Hayley Atwell to be so tiny. She commands such a big presence in front of the camera that it took me a second to realize that it was her. However she has this warm charm about her that calmed my nerves when I met her, even though I told her that I might be crazy since I wanted to have her sign my Agent Carter Pop vinyl figure to my cat, Agent Carter. I couldn’t resist To: Agent Carter <3 Agent Carter. I thought it would be fun.

When my turn came, I showed her a pic of my kitty and told her that I’m not crazy. It was probably not the best first impression. Although, I did ask her if she was going to be able to get a chance to look around Denver and she sadly said nope! She told me that she saw the airport, the hotel and the convention center and that’s all she’s was and is able to see. She’s got to be on a tight schedule with her new show coming out called Conviction. I also got a pic with Hayley as well, which I look absolutely exhausted in. She’s as gorgeous as ever.

The rest of my day was attempting to conserve whatever small energy I had left. That night was the Denver Comic Con After Party at Stoney’s Bar and Grill off of Lincoln Street, which was awesome.

Denver Comic Con 2016 SaturdayThere were seven Colorado based video game developers there at the party, which brought out the inner gamer in the patrons. There was Dire Wolf Digital who creates card-based video games, the charity Extra Life and Boulder Games.

On top of that, Serenity Forge was displaying three of their games and my friend Steven Harmon @StevenJHarmon1 was there displaying two of his games. Steven is amazingly talented in so many things. I also got to meet and see Kyle Pulver @kylepulver, whose worked on games like Binding of Isaac. He had his game there called Super Sky Sisters, which looked amazingly fun.

Over all, Saturday was a successful day. It was crazy on the showroom floor where I even got to see “Z”  @ZhenghuaYang at the 8Bit Stage talking to fans wanting to know more about the game industry. I’m still exhausted but still am living off of the excitement that Denver Comic Con 2016 Saturday brought me.

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