Denver Comic Con 2016 Friday

Denver Comic Con 2016 Friday

Denver Comic Con 2016 came as quickly as it went. It was three days of excitement, learning and exhaustion. I don’t know about you all, but I could crawl up into a corner and sleep for a month after everything I did this past weekend. Here are some of my favorite things that happened at Denver Comic Con 2016 Friday.

Denver Comic Con 2016 FridayFor starters, Friday was a day of attempting to get my bearings. The convention floor this year was so big that I didn’t even know where to start. There were so many vendors and so much stuff to buy that I didn’t even know where I was half the time. There were so many things to look at and so much to do I got overwhelmed.

On top of attempting to find my bearings and find local artists and friends of mine, I also checked out the gaming room. Serenity Forge was demoing their newest game, Four Sided Fantasy where you have to wrap around all four sides of the screen to complete your objective. It’s a puzzle game where I totally had troubles with trying to figure out what to do, but I look forward to the final build coming hopefully this August.

I also was able to attend the Opening Ceremonies where Chris Parente @chrisparente from KDVR Fox 31 and the CW’s Daybreak was the host of this fantastic event. It got the audience excited and even showed us all exclusive content.

Denver Comic Con 2016 FridayDid you know that Denver Comic Con not only is an amazing convention, but it also funds a non-profit that benefits literacy called Pop Culture Classroom? Not only does Pop Culture Classroom benefit children, but now it also benefits inmates in local jails as well where they go in and not only teach literacy, but also inspire these adults to be creative as well, and create their own stories. It’s an amazing concept, which I highly appreciate and hope these inmates can embrace and take off with.

On top of that, we got to see Manu Intiraymi on stage as he promoted his newest project, The Circuit. It’s a multimillion-dollar project that the fans can be apart of! Heck, I’m going to submit something to submit. I haven’t yet created the concept yet but I’m working on it. To find out more, you can check his website:

Over all, Denver Comic Con 2016 Friday was an exhausting but exhilarating adventure that pumped excitement and adventure into my veins to continue the rest of my weekend.

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