DCC 2016 Interview with Tony from theTonus

Interview: theTonus

Denver Comic Con 2016  was a fantastic time, and my coverage isn’t over yet! While there, I was able to meet Tony, the creator of theTonus who was displaying his Hand Over the Hero collection. I first saw this artist when I was at Salt Lake Comic Con last year and loved it, so when I saw him at DCC, I had to interview theTonus.

Deadpool_Website_PrintPewPewCat: What inspired you to become an artist?

theTonus: I can’t remember the exact moment that it made sense to put ideas down on paper, but I do know that drawing during school actually helped me focus.  I would retain info if my mind was working on paper at the same time.  It was also a bonus when I could trade the drawing I was working on in class for lunch that day.

I do remember (and still to this day) getting completely amped when I saw a movie that really moved me creatively.  There is so much goodness coming out of Hollywood and by other creative folks on Youtube and other social media channels that it’s a beautiful time to be an artist.

PPC: What is your favorite medium to use?

theTonus: I work in everything from oil/acrylic paints to digital mediums from time to time, but as most artists that have found their groove would agree with, you narrow your palette to something you feel completely comfortable with and works with your style.  I’ve used Primacolor markers since high school and love to pair them with their color pencil counterpart.  Once my art gets scanned I go straight to point and click on the trackpad on my Mac. I also love my setup because I can pack my whole studio workstation in one carry-on piece of luggage (which threw the TSA through a doozy when x-raying my bag…those markers look awfully suspicious the way I had them packed).

PPC: What inspired your Hand Over the Hero collection?

Baymax_Website_PrinttheTonus: Before we had kids my wife would always tease me that she’d love to take our kitty, Gypsy, out with us on a date.  That Valentines Day I drew a greeting card with some hands handing over a surprised kitty and that was that.

Fast-forward to three years ago and with only 2 months before my first Comic Con here in Salt Lake, I was hunting for an idea so I could bring something original (and could be made into prints).  I remembered the card I had made her and thought it would be funny if Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars was being handed over by Vader with the caption, “IT WAS A TRAP!!”  I posted it on Instagram and the response wasn’t bad so I started creating more Hand Over the Hero designs of all of my favorites; The Ninja Turtles, some of my favorites form the Marvel and DC Universe, and other random favorites.  My first show in Salt Lake sold out and the response at all the cons I’ve participated in since has been overwhelming fantastic.

PPC: Are there any other artists that has influenced your art?

theTonus: Jake Parker is a machine and you can’t help but be inspired by the creativity and ink he lays down.  My boy, Woes, is always laying down goodness as well as my other friend, Alex Solis (@alexmdc).

PPC: What are your hopes and dreams for the future when it comes to your art?

theTonus: To have a Hand Over the Hero adopted and on the wall of every loving home EVERYWHERE.

To find out more and browse though theTonus’s collection, you can find it at the link below! 

theTonus website: http://thetonus.bigcartel.com/

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