Cuphead Indie Game Review

Cuphead Review

I’ve been looking forward to Cuphead for a while now. It’s a game that automatically grabbed my attention due to its old-style cartoons. I’m one of those people who love to find old cartoons from the 20’s and 30’s and watch them. Back in the day, my mom would find VHS tapes of old cartoons and sometimes my brother and I would watch them, rewind them and watch them again. We only had four channels, if that, growing up so a lot of our TV time consisted of whatever cheap VHS tape my mom would find at the grocery store. So, when I saw Cuphead for the first time, I knew I had to play it.

The Game

Cuphead is a 1 –  2 player game. Player one is Cuphead while player two is Mugman. Together, they got into trouble with the devil by gambling and losing one game at a casino. In order to save their souls from the Devil taking them, Cuphead and Mugman have to go and retrieve other contracts that the Devil had given out. To do this, they get to learn new skills to take on these dangerous things that the Devil had given contracts to.

Fight your way through the different areas to collect contracts to save your soul from the Devil, and collect gold to buy new abilities.

The Feels

I absolutely adore this game. It’s one of my favorites and is nothing but pure nostalgia that I can sit down and play. From the bouncing and amazingly hand-drawn characters to the audio, I feel as though I’m watching those old VHS tapes again. They even have the record static that you get from watching the old cartoons. It’s nothing but a trip down the happy memories of memory lane. It even has the creepy feeling that the old cartoons used to have too.

Cuphead is hard, but what I’ve heard is that they had to tone down the level of difficulty of this game before release. I don’t mind the difficulty though, it’s part of the charm of Cuphead for me. I knew it was going to be difficult playing, but it’s not because the mechanics are bad. It’s just a hard game. Which might be difficult for the casual gamer to get into.

If anything I had a blast playing two-player in this game. It helps to get through the levels quicker and is just more fun playing with someone and not shooting your friends. Yes, the art in this game is absolutely amazing but the audio is totally something that just completes this game.

Overall, I’m really enjoying Cuphead. We will see how far I get.

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