Coma Game an Indie Game Review


This past weekend I also played a indie game called Coma. This is a game that has inspired many to become game designers. On top of that, it’s free and fun to play and is another game that makes you think.


The Game

In this game, you play as a child named Pete running around in this shadow/monster filled creepy world. No one has faces, they’re all just outlines. It has a Limbo feel to it, yet is much more colorful. Pete wakes up in a house and starts to explore. The first thing he finds is a piano. However along Pete’s path, things are written on the wall like “This world is a lie,” “Wake Up Pete” and random things tell the child to ring the doorbell. Naturally, the doorbell is nowhere to be seen.

You then solve a few puzzles to continue on your path. You pop a character called “Fatty Fat Cakes” with a hook and solve other small puzzles. To finish the game, you have to find the song to play on the piano to find the doorbell. However you meet a lot of creepy characters along the way.


The Feels

If I ever fall into a coma, I hope that my dream isn’t like this. Well, most people don’t dream when they’re in a coma. This world is very interesting. It’s creepy, but the whole time Pete was struggling to find a way back to open his eyes. It’s adorable that the little bird who helps him is his sister.

While playing this game though, I wondered what I would do in this situation. It’s a weird strange little world, would I want to end that journey? Probably if I remembered whose waiting for me to wake up.

You can find Coma and play the free game here:

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