ChronoClock Japanese Indie Game Review

ChronoClock Japanese Indie Game Review

Have you ever wondered what you could do if you had the power to turn back time? That’s what the Japanese indie game ChronoClock explores in this visual novel.

The Game

Rei Sawatari is a high school senior looking for a girlfriend. One day, he finds an old pocket watch that is perpetually behind by five minutes. While he was trying to fix the old pocket watch, he accidently walked in front of an old truck and was struck. Yet, instead of being killed Rei found himself where he was five minutes before.

He is then confronted by a floating girl named Chrono who is essentially the keeper of the watch. Rei finds that this watch allows him to go back in time by five minutes once an hour. He also found that this was his grandfather’s watch previously, and that his grandfather had used the power of the watch to get rich. Yet, when Chrono asks Rei what he will use this power for, he tells her it’s to have fun and to find a girlfriend.

Rei, determined to find a girlfriend starts to use his newly found powers to do little things. First he saves a girl’s lunchbox from hitting the floor. Yet, after a girl falls off of the top of one of the school buildings and dies, he uses his power for good. He turns back time to save the girl’s life.

Yet, when he gets to the roof, he finds that this falling girl is the girl of his dreams. The unfortunate part is that the girl, Miu is in love with his best friend. Miu fell off of the roof because she was so anxious to tell his friend her feelings, that she ran in any direction she could and accidently fell over the guardrails the first time. Yet, it was Miu’s determination to share these feelings that made it to where Rei wanted to help her to become less anxious.

However, the more Rei gets to know Miu, the more he discovers he likes her. He also discovers that she has pretty bad luck, and should probably avoid roofs. Will Rei ever get a girlfriend? Will he tell Miu his feelings? You’ll have to play ChronoClock to find out.

The Feels

ChronoClock is a Japanese indie game/ visual novel currently available on Steam. It’s totally a cute romance story with some comedic parts. It is not for kiddies though, this does contain sexual content and nudity. Though, it is tasteful and beautifully drawn. Plus, I want a watch that goes back 5 minutes in time once an hour. Though, I would totally do what Rei’s grandfather did and go gamble/ make money. I could read books quicker with this power as well!

Yet, if I were a teenage boy I would totally try to impress girls as well. Being that I’m older now, I have different goals.

Overall, this is a cute visual novel/indie game. If you’re a fan of visual novels and cute anime girls, I highly suggest ChronoClock for you.


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