Chrono Trigger Video Game Review

Chrono Trigger:

For my birthday I received Chrono Trigger for the DS from my significant other. I have yet to beat it, because I got stuck at the Golem Sister. Though thankfully, I’ve seen enough of Chrono Trigger to know how much of a treasure it is. For starters, it has been acclaimed as one of the best video games of all time.

Chrono TriggerThe Game:

Chrono Trigger came out originally in 1995 for the Super NES. In Chrono Trigger, you play Chrono a boy who lives in a village with his mother. He goes to the faire one day and meets a girl named Marle. Together at this event, Chrono and Marle see Lucca’s, Chrono’s friend’s newest invention, which ends up turning into a time machine and sucks Marle away to a strange land.

Chrono and Lucca chase Marle into another time where they find that Marle’s ancestor is actually the queen of this land and Marle is the princess of their time. They have to save the queen who had been kidnapped by a demon king called Magus. After saving the queen, you meet another character named Frog who ends up joining your team later.

However when Chrono, Lucca and Marle return to their time, Marle’s father, the king, meets them. He ends up arresting Chrono for kidnapping the princess. After Chrono escapes his cell, Marle, Chrono and Lucca jump into the time machine and this time they find themselves in the Future where something terrible has happened. Humans are starving to death and there are robots everywhere. You end up finding a good robot named Robo who joins your party. You also find that a creature named Lavos which lived under the world, unburied itself and destroyed the world as they had known it.

The team then decides to go into the past where they meet Ayla, the head of a prehistoric tribe before the time when Lavos fell from the sky and entered the grouns. From there, you have to find a way to stop Lavos even though the world entered into a world of production.

Chrono TriggerThe Feels:

I love the story line in this game and just how complex this world is. I wasn’t expecting much, but I fell in love with a game that’s almost as old as I am. Sure, I haven’t beaten it yet since the Golem Sisters are stupid hard, but this game is amazing. It’s fun, it’s imaginative and even though the music is old, it’s still beautiful.

My favorite character is Marle, since she’s a spitfire who does what she wants. On top of that, she’s my healer which helps me last longer than normal in a boss battle. I also love Frog to death. He’s so cute in 8-bit form and he’s full of honor and respect. What’s not to love about Frog?

Soon I shall beat the Golem Sisters and then beat the game. Until then, I’ll just be stuck on the Golem Sisters. Over all, if you are an avid video game player and haven’t played Chrono Tigger, you should do that. It’s one of the best games of all time for a reason and you should check it out for it.

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