Champions of Breakfast Indie Game Review

Champions of Breakfast Indie Game Review

Are you looking for a game that can be an essential part of a complete breakfast? I suggest you check out the indie game Champions of Breakfast by Pirate Software.

The Game

Champions of Breakfast is a fast paced arcade shooter filled with breakfast and household items. You travel throughout the levels as a toaster shooting toast at various household items, avoiding the things they shoot at you. Mind you, those various household items are trying to kill you and it’s not easy to avoid. Things like sprinklers, picture frames, refrigerators, barbequers and so much more. How long can you survive in this crazy arcade game?

The Feels

If you’re looking for a game that is a fast paced arcade shooter and is full of household items, you’ll probably enjoy Champions of Breakfast. It’s a great game to take turns competing against your friends with and is full of breakfast items. I really enjoyed the arcade style of this game. It feels like a modern version of any game that you would play at an old school arcade, which makes me nostalgic. I miss those penny, nickel, dime and quarter arcade games. Not the ones you play in Dave and Busters, but the old school cabinet arcade games like Joust and Galaga.

Overall, I like Champions of Breakfast. It’s only $4.99 on Steam and for me was a great time.

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