Catherine Tate to be at Denver Comic Con 2017

Catherine Tate will be at Denver Comic Con 2017

Last week, Denver Comic Con announced that the amazing Catherine Tate will be at Denver Comic Con 2017. I was so excited to hear the news that I bounced violently up and down in joy over this announcement, probably scaring Los Angeles natives.

Catherine Tate is a well known comedian and creator of the Catherine Tate Show, a sketch comedy series. Yet, where most people know her from is Doctor Who. There, she played the spiteful and spunky companion Donna Noble alongside David Tennant’s Doctor in Season 4.

Donna Noble is by far my favorite companion in the whole Doctor Who series. Second would have to be Sarah Jane Smith followed closely by Martha Jones. Donna was always her own woman, never having to be defined by the Doctor. Did she love the Doctor? Yes. But not romantically. She was strong and eccentric and always voiced her opinion. She enjoyed her adventures with the Doctor for what they were.

Yet, when it came time to where she needed to be a hero, she was. With that, she had to give up everything she had learned and experienced. All of her memories of the Doctor had to go away to save her life. I cried so hard when this happened. Traveling with the Doctor was the best thing that had ever happened to Donna. Sadly in order to save Donna’s life, the Doctor had to take all of her memories of him away.

I love Donna so much to the point where I argued with Wil Wheaton that Donna is the best companion. He argued for Martha Jones. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Martha too. However her being all googly-eyed over the Doctor, kind of drove me nuts.

Either way, I totally fangirled when I heard Catherine Tate will be at Denver Comic Con 2017. Below is my favorite clip of Catherine Tate’s humor. Enjoy!

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