A Butterfly in the District of Dreams Indie Game Review

A Butterfly in the District of Dreams Indie Game Review

What would you do if you found yourself in a strange world with no way home? That’s the predicament that Ai and Haruki find themselves in, in the visual novel A Butterfly in the District of Dreams.

The Game

Haruki is a young man, fresh out of high school. His life revolves around when he can see his twin sister at the hospital. For all of his life, his sister Anzu has been sick. She recently had to return to the hospital. Even though Haruki is enrolled at the local university, he stopped going to class. The stress of his sister being in the hospital, and his parents working long work hours got to him.

However, one day his friend Ai shows up at his door and confronts him about not going to class. He promises her he would go the next day, knowing he wouldn’t. Yet the next morning, Ai waited to escort him to school. He goes with her begrudgingly. After school, he goes to the hospital and Ai asks to join him.

After visiting Anzu, Ai recognizes how lonely Haruki is and asks him to dinner. They end up spending hours talking and realize they’re about to miss the last train of the day. They both run to the station and barely miss the train. After figuring out what to do next, a strange train approached the platform. Not thinking too much about it, they both got on.

Little did they know, this train was a special train which took them to a strange land. They find themselves in a place called Oriibugai, which happens to be an imaginary world. They discover that getting back to their own world isn’t as easy as how they got there. Luckily they find Yurika, a coffee shop owner who looks just like Anzu. She offers them both jobs and housing. Will they find their way home? Will Haruki get to see his sister again? You’ll have to play to find out.

The Feels

I really enjoy the story of A Butterfly in the District of Dreams. The story of a boy whose overwhelmed, incredibly lonely and depressed who is found by a childhood friend and they both end up in a strange world. At first the music is pretty sad, but luckily when they’re in the imaginary world it gets happier.

Plus, this game is really pretty as well. I enjoy the background art. In the real world, everything is hazy and looks like impressionism while things in the imaginary world were more cleanly drawn. My favorite place has to be the coffee shop. If it existed, I would totally go there.

Overall, this is a really cute visual novel. If you’re looking for a complex story, with adorable characters you may enjoy this game. It’s really sweet.

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