Burley Men at Sea Indie Game Review

Burley Men at Sea

Are you looking for a simple game that takes you on a little adventure where the outcome changes with your choices? That’s how I found myself playing Burley Men at Sea. It’s an adventure that will remind you of a story book.

Burley Men at Sea

The Game

Burley Men at Sea is about three brothers with beards who find a secret map in the ocean. Yet the only thing is, is that this map is incomplete. In order to get more information, they take this map back to their town. They figure they would start there since it was the only thing marked on this mysterious map.

When they take it to town, they find that the only person who knows what this map is is the local barista. It is then that the old man barista tells you that this map is meant for an adventure that hasn’t been taken yet. However he refuses to tell you more. That’s when the three burley men take to the seas for their adventure.

Burley Men at Sea

The Feels

When I played Burley Men at Sea, I didn’t realize there were so many choices to make. Yet, each different choice leads you to a different path. There are nymphs, mermaids, giant wales and so much more in this world for you to discover. Burley Men at Sea is a vast world that is meant to be explored.

I highly enjoyed playing this game. It’s simply beautiful with its simplistic art, something right out of a storybook. It’s beautiful and fun for the whole family. I can’t wait to go back and see what other adventures I can get my burley men into. It’s totally worth it.

For More Information: http://burlymenatsea.com/

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