The Beginner’s Guide Game Review

After playing The Stanley Parable, I knew I needed to play Davey Wreden’s newest game, The Beginner’s Guide that was nominated for an IGF award. It’s a game that left me speechless and others speechless, and once again I had to discuss it with the person who introduced me to The Stanley Parable, which brought me to the point of loving it.

The Game:The Beginner’s Guide

Now, The Beginner’s Guide is a game where you follow a linear path that is narrated by Davey Wreden. He tells you his story and experiences from 2008-2011 when it comes to building games and the relationship between him and a person he called “Coda”.

You play games that are designed by “Coda” and see how “Coda” starts to develop his own style as a game developer. While you go along, Davey narrates, telling you that he saw the potential in these games and wanted to share it with the world. From there, you find that Davey starts to struggle with things that he doesn’t understand and his relationship with “Coda” starts to disintegrate.

The Feels:

Warning, there are spoilers here. At first, I thought that this was a great story of two friends, one who created strange and wonderful games while the other wanted his friend to succeed. I really thought that the two of them existed.

Yet, then I realized that this was a struggle; a struggle with depression, a struggle with introverted-ness, a struggle with one’s demons. Have you ever created something but never wanted to share it because it made you feel safer that way?The Beginner’s Guide

I mean, have you ever had that internal struggle of showing someone something that means a lot to you? I know I have. Heck, creating this website was an endeavor for me and I struggled with it from March, to when I finally started to draw attention to it in May. Now here I am, blogging to the world and putting myself out there for criticism. Though I never felt as though the “Coda” side of Davey was afraid of criticism, just afraid of putting himself out there.

The Beginner’s Guide is basically the internal struggle of a creative soul, and it hit me pretty hard. To me, it feels as though Davey made this game to find that part of him or say sorry to that part of himself that he calls “Coda.”  I thought on it for days and felt at though when he released the Stanley Parable, that was the destruction of “Coda,” which was released at the end of July, 2011. He’s trying to pay respects to that part of himself that he had lost and maybe was trying to find it again.

If anything, it made me sad for Davey but yet happy for him. He has had so much success from that point on even though he lost a part of himself. It’s the internal struggle that everyone goes though, but each one of our internal struggles are different. I love story games, and The Beginners Guide a wonderful story the internal struggle.

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