Attack on Titan Seasons 1 & 2 Thoughts

Attack on Titan Seasons 1 & 2 Thoughts

Attack on Titan is a show I’ve seen many things about, but never really got the chance to watch. It’s been out since 2009 and it took a week of my SO being sick, that we finally sat down and watched it. Here are my Attack on Titan seasons 1 & 2 thoughts.

The Show

Attack on Titan is an anime that’s been out for a while and so far is only two seasons. We binged watched both of them in two days thanks to Netflix and Hulu. For years, I’ve been told I should watch this anime and finally did. I didn’t regret it and am somewhat addicted to it now.

The show is about a post apocalyptic world where giant humanoid monsters called titans have backed humanity into a corner. Humanity has been forced to live within these giant walls for centuries. At first, they lived in peace without fear of the titans. This was until one day when a giant colossal titan that is taller than the walls, kicked a hole in the outermost wall, letting in the smaller titans.

The smaller titans have a thirst for the human crunch and eat them whenever they find them. This is why humanity fears the titans. Also, this is where Eren’s story began. His father had gone away on a trip right before all this happened, but not before telling Eren that there is a secret in the basement.

When the titan kicked the wall, a giant boulder came flying right into Eren’s house. Eren’s mother was crushed and Eren and his lifetime friend Mikasa tried to save his mother, however they were too late. A titan had found them and ate Eren’s mother right in front of him.

Ever since that day, Eren wanted to fight all of the titans. He joined the cadet corps to inevitably join the scouts, a advanced team of operatives that specialize in killing titans. However, the more Eren becomes involved in this story, the more we find out that maybe it’s not as simple as titans eating humans.

The Feels *spoilers*

At first it was rough for me to get into this show. It starts off slow and there’s a lot of doubt and fear that the characters always face which makes the story even slower. However, what drew me into this show was when the humans first discovered that some humans could be titans too. When Eren turned into a titan for the first time, I had to keep watching.

If anything I needed to know how this happened and why he was able to do this. Not only him, but other humans into titans too. Plus I need to know what created the titans in the first place? Is there a way to turn them back? According to history the titans didn’t use to exist. Also, an entire town turned into titans, how did this happen? The first season was slow, but then it really picked up in the second season. We still haven’t found out what was in the basement! Reiner! Berthold! How could you both do this?!

Though, I have to say that Hange has to be my favorite character in this show. She’s always excitedly curious, but is also able to tone it completely down and become serious when necessary. I just love her enthusiasm. I also like Mikasa, though her obsession with Eren is a bit scary. But she’s pretty badass, which is why I like her.

Either way, I was excited that season 3 is confirmed to come back sometime next year. If you like story and can handle a bit of horror, you’d like this show.

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