Atomic Blonde Movie Review

Atomic Blonde Movie Review

When I went to see Atomic Blonde, it was the first time I had seen a movie at the movie theater in months. I didn’t know what to expect out of this movie, but I was pleasantly┬ásurprised.

The Movie

It was the mark of the end of The Cold War. The Berlin Wall had fallen marking the end of an era. However, one spy working for MI6 had some explaining to do to her superiors. She was there when the Berlin Wall fell, working on a mission they had sent her on. A fellow MI6 agent had been shot in the head by a KGB member after receiving vital information, a list of double agents. Lorraine was given the task to retrieve his body, and recover the list. However, she was also given the mission to find the identity of Agent Satchel a famous double agent working for MI6 and the KGB and kill them.

Lorraine flew to Berlin where she met up with MI6 agent David Percival. He had been living in Berlin, traveling between the east and the west side to find information. During her stay in Berlin, she found that it’s nothing but a mess of multiple agencies working and backstabbing each other and that she can trust no one.

The Feel *Spoilers*

That was the gist of the movie, yet the further you went in Atomic Blonde, the more confusing it got. You wonder, “Who is Agent Satchel?”, “What’s going on?”, “Is Agent Satchel David?” and all of those questions are answered. It got hella crazy but yet was beautifully pieced together in the end. (MAJOR SPOILER) Turns out, Lorraine was indeed Agent Satchel but framed David Percival for it. Naturally, not before David told the KGB that she had been working for both sides. Yet, that wasn’t the case. She was, in fact, a triple agent. All along working for the CIA. Which, I never expected and my mind was kind of blown at the end when she gets onto a plane with the CIA operative Emmett Kurzfeld. (END OF MAJOR SPOILER)

Overall, the story was confusing, purposefully. It was meant to keep you on your toes, to have you continually guessing. I was impressed by the acting, and the story telling of this movie. I never once thought that what happened, in the end, would have happened. It had a great cast, but I was so excited to see John Goodman. I don’t know why I like him so much, but I do.

If you like spy movies, I highly suggest this one. It was fun, it was pieced together wonderfully and a great story. I highly enjoyed this film. Plus, the soundtrack is SO good.

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