Arrival Movie Review


Every now and then I will go to the movie theater. This time, it was at the suggestion of a friend who absolutely loves movies, and essentially the whole film industry. He had really enjoyed the film Arrival and figured that my other half and I would as well.

The Movie

In Arrival, it follows the story of a college professor named Louise Banks, who is a professor in language. At first you believe that she’s a woman who lost her only child to a rare disease and is stuck alone, working as a college professor living with the scars from her past.

However, Louise’s life changes when twelve alien ship appear all around the world. She is selected by the military, to make contact with these aliens and to try to find their purpose for being on Earth. These aliens communicated at first by sound, which sounded like a blow horn. However, Louise was able to to find a way to communicate with them though writing.

However, everyone around the world is trying to find a way to crack the alien’s code. It’s a rush to find why exactly these aliens are here on Earth. Plus, not everyone communicating with the aliens believes that they’re here for good and tensions rise between the different countries.

The Feels

I didn’t know anything about this movie before I went to it. All I knew was that our friend had seen it already and loved it. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner were in Arrival. However, it wasn’t just the actors who stole my heart with this movie. The entire story has you asking questions the entire time until the point were everything loops around and connects.

I’m a sucker for storytelling that does that. Where, you gather the pieces along the way of what’s happening. Yet, when everything connects so beautifully, it makes me so happy.

Either way, if you’re looking for a suspenseful movie that connects all of it’s missing pieces, you may enjoy Arrival. It’s not a scary alien movie, it’s one of culture and empathy. I really enjoyed Arrival, and if you’re looking for the cute little things that Jeremy Renner does in all of his films, he does it in this one too.

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