American Gods TV Series

One of my favorite books to read is American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It’s a book that I have read several times and love it more with each time I read it. This past weekend was San Diego Comic Con. At this point in time,  it was finally announced that my beloved story will be a series on Starz.

American Gods

American Gods is the story of a man named Shadow who was just released from prison on armed robbery charges. After he gets out though, he is told by those at the prison that his wife had just passed away in a car accident. Shadow is destroyed by the news, and decides to head back to his home to handle things.

That’s when Shadow meets a stranger who calls himself Mr. Wednesday. This stranger, an older man offers Shadow a job as his body guard. Shadow, having been a convicted felon decided to take him up on this opportunity, but not until after he buries his wife. From there things start to get, strange. It becomes strange to the point where Shadow is immersed in a war between the gods. That’s right, the gods.

TV Series

Starz will be producing American Gods the TV series, and I am beyond excited for this. Shadow will be portrayed by Ricky Whittle who played Lincoln in The 100. I’m not familiar with this actor however what I have seen in the trailer for American Gods, I’m excited to see what he can do. However there are some big named actors who will also be preforming in American Gods as well.

Emily Browning who was in Sucker Punch as Babydoll will be playing Laura, Shadow’s wife. Just because Shadow’s wife passed away, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a bigger role in American Gods. On top of that, Cloris Leachman who has been in everything and is one of my favorite actresses is also going to be playing a role in American Gods along with funny man Dane Cook.

Overall, the cinematography looks amazing and I’m hopeful for the acting. American Gods is one of my favorite things that has ever been created. I’m holding this series to a high standard, and hope that it fulfills all my hopes and dreams.

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