American Gods Episode 8 Come to Jesus Recap and Review

American Gods Episode 8 Come to Jesus Recap and Review

Sunday premiered the season finale of American Gods, Come to Jesus. Here’s a look into what happened in this season finale and how it compares to the book.

The Episode

Wednesday and Shadow had to make a pitstop after Wednesday killed Vulcan. They stopped at Mr. Nancy’s house, who made them brand new suits. However, while Mr. Nancy was making these new suits, he took this time to tell them both a story.

The story was about a powerful queen who was coveted by many. She would use sex and sexualtiy to fuel her powers. Many kings would try to overpower her, but she was too powerful and would eat them up.

Fast forward to the 1970’s, she was still a queen but she had adapted. The times had changed and her palace had turned into a dance hall, but people were still drawn to her. However, man was still after her powers and sadly this time they succeeded in driving her out of her domain. There was one woman who saved her and they decided to move to Hollywood in the United States, together. The queen however, still had her charms and was able to feed on others.

Moving to Hollywood proved extremely hard for her. Her only friend in the world ended up with HIV and died in the hospital. Being in a new land, she was broke and had nothing. She even began to forget who she was. That was until she was found by Tech Boy, who gave her a chance in return for a favor. That is how she developed into the Bilquis we know today.

Mr. Nancy finished Shadow’s and Wednesday’s suits and sent them on their way. They traveled to a mansion where they were followed by bunnies. Turns out that this day in particular was Easter, and she was hosting a party in remembrance of her day.

Actually, Easter was created by Media to help the old god Ostara out. Ostara was the goddess of spring and rebirth. Luckily by doing this, Ostara was able to be somewhat fruitful over the years. Thus, every year Ostara hosts a party on her day and invites all of the different versions of Jesus over.

Shadow was shocked about everything that was happening and was having issues in believing that any of this was real. Wednesday however took this time to ask Ostara to help him. She was hesitant, but was interrupted by one of her rabbits telling her something was there.

Turns out, Mad Sweeney and Laura made it to Ostara’s house looking for her to resurrect Laura. After getting a good look at Laura, Ostara told them that because a God had killed Laura, she couldn’t bring Laura back to life life. Mad Sweeney had a heart to heart with Laura and it was discovered that Wednesday needed Laura out of the picture and had her killed. Shadow is more important than they thought.

On top of Laura crashing Ostara’s party, Media came as well. At first she claimed to be celebrating Ostara’s day, but she knew that Wednesday was there. Tech Boy decided to make an appearance as well and while they were trying to intimidate Ostara with their goons, Wednesday and Shadow stepped in.

Wednesday took this time to assert his dominance over Media, Tech Boy and Mr. World (who appeared in one of the goon’s faces). He did this by forming a storm and sending a lightning strike to kill all of the goons. At this time, Wednesday revealed his true self to Shadow. That he is the All-Father, Odin. Shadow finally started to believe in the gods.

Odin then told Ostara to show them her true power, which she did. She took away the spring. All the grass, all the leaves on the trees, all the flowers, everything. With this, Odin made a declaration that the new gods should tell the people of the world that if they want their spring back, then they need to pray for it. Mr. World took this as a declaration of war between the old gods and the new gods and they took their leave.

When things calmed down, Laura made her appearance asking to talk to her husband. Bilquis on the other hand, was making her way to the House on the Rock after Tech Boy decided to cash in his favor.

The Feels

That’s how American Gods season 1 ended. When I completely remove the book from this series, I feel better about this show. It’s definitely interesting where Wednesday is heading in this series, especially if they’re going to keep the end result the same as in the book. Wednesday is a lot more aggressive in the series though, and is more of the instigator then the victim, like he played in the book.

Easter/ Ostara on the other hand seems like she’s going to have a bigger part to play in this series though. In the book, she lived in San Francisco and was a tad worse off then she was in the series. She joined Wednesday in his madness, but she never really did anything that powerful, not until much later when she uses her resurrection powers. It will be interesting to see where these things go with her taking away the spring.

I do also wonder where Laura’s story is heading. She too has a bigger role in this series than she had in the book. In the book, she was there as Shadow’s guardian angel. Now, I don’t know where this story is headed. Same with Mad Sweeney.

Either way, they have me hooked on where this series is headed. There are some hangups I have with this series, but I’m learning to overcome them. I honestly don’t know where it’s going but I am interested in seeing where Shadow and Wednesday end up. Plus, The House on the Rock part in the book was my favorite part, so I’m looking forward to that as well. I guess we will see in season 2.

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