American Gods Episode 6 A Murder of Gods

American Gods Episode 6 A Murder of Gods

The story continued as Shadow started to realize more and more how little he actually knows about his reality in the episode, A Murder of Gods.

Coming to America

There was a group of illegal immigrants trying to cross the river into the United States. They prayed to their Christian God before they passed the river in the middle of the night. However, one struggled to cross and when he almost drowned. He was pulled up and saved by a man who is able to walk on water. This man was Jesus.

Yet, when everyone safely made it across the river, men were waiting there. They had guns with the cross and “Thy Kingdom Come” engraved on the side and started firing upon these immigrants. Jesus tried to stop the massacre, but instead he was shot once in each hand and once in the heart. Jesus laid on the ground, dead and a tumble weed placed a crown of thorns on his head and rolled off. Inscribed on the back of the bullets was “Vulcan.”

The Episode

Shadow was pissed, he was having a hard time figuring out what was going on. Wednesday however got Shadow into the car as quickly as he could and drove off since Wednesday was trying to avoid Laura. He knew that she would destroy his plan.

While on the road, Wednesday finally realized that Shadow was not doing well. They pulled over to the side and Wednesday did a weird  thing where he reached into Shadow and pulled whatever the tree had injected into. It was terrifying.

They continued on their way towards the strangest city you’ll ever see. There, a man had accidentally fallen into the molten steel that was used to create Vulcan bullets. Since the man had been melted alive into this molten steel, what was left of him had been turned into bullets. When Shadow and Wednesday pulled into town, everyone was going to the funeral. Shadow noticed that every single one of these people carried a gun.

Wednesday knew what was up though. The man falling into the molten steel wasn’t an accident. It was a sacrifice, made to look like an accident by the head of the town. After the townspeople left, Wednesday approached his old friend, Vulcan. He was asking Vulcan to join his army in his war against the new gods.

Vulcan invited them to his house. He had mentioned something weird, that Wednesday had sacrificed himself once to make himself more vigorous. He then told Wednesday and Shadow how he get’s his prayers and sacrifices to become more powerful. It is by the bullets he makes, and it’s more than enough to keep this god of the volcano going. Wednesday then asked Vulcan to make him a sword to be on his hip when they fight together and Vulcan agreed, hesitantly.

Though several times Vulcan brought up lynching to Shadow, which brought up a red flag for Shadow. There’s only a few people who knew that Shadow was lynched. When he mentions this to Wednesday, Wednesday tells him that he’s been planning revenge and maybe Vulcan can help him.

Vulcan made Wednesday a beautiful sword. That’s when Vulcan asked Wednesday why he was doing what he was doing. Wednesday told him he just want’s everyone else to be as fruitful as Vulcan. Wednesday then confronted Vulcan, asking him if he’s been in contact with the new gods, which he had been.

That’s when Wednesday took his sword and told Vulcan that Vulcan had pledged his allegiance to Wednesday, had made a sword for him and was killed by the new gods. Or at least, that is what Wednesday was going to tell the others. Then, Wednesday slit Vulcan’s throat and kicked him into the molten steel. Wednesday then laid down a curse onto the molten steel which transferred to the new bullets.

Laura and Mad Sweeney however found Salim and they all started to travel together. Mad Sweeney told Salim to drive towards Kentucky. Because Salim needs Mad Sweeney’s help to finding his Jinn, he did what he was told. He’s in love and will never go back to his old life. Laura was conflicted. She reflected on how she hated her family when she was alive and now she misses them. Thus, when Mad Sweeney passed out, Laura told Salim to turn the car and go a different direction.

They ended up at Jack’s where Mad Sweeney had first met Shadow. There Mad Sweeney was trying to convince Laura that she’s lost Shadow forever to Wednesday. She however is still hanging on. They went to Laura’s mom’s house and no one noticed she was standing there in the window. She gave up on them and left telling Salim, “fuck those assholes.”

The Feels

As a stand alone show, I feel as though it does have it’s entertaining bits. Mind you, Shadow and Wednesday never went to Vulcan and Shadow never saw Wednesday kill Vulcan. Everything in this episode didn’t happen in the book, including Wednesday being afraid of Laura.

Yet, if I remove this show completely from the book I feel a tad bit better watching the show. It definitely has you questioning what exactly is going on. Wednesday is very possessive and much more aggressive in this show than he ever was in the book. Honestly, you don’t see this aggressiveness from Wednesday until the end of the book.

Either way, they’re totally gearing up for a war. Where’s Mr. Nancy? When does Shadow get to spend time with Ibis and Jacquel? Where’s Sam too?!


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