American Gods Episode 5 Lemon Scented You Recap and Review

American Gods Episode 5 Lemon Scented You Recap and Review

The story continued as American Gods premiered episode 5, Lemon Scented You. It was a rough time for me as the story continued and I didn’t know where it was going for once.

The Episode

Shadow was beyond shocked and slightly pissed to see his dead wife Laura sitting on his motel room bed. Instead of first stating that she was alive like he did in the book, he went right after her about sleeping with Robbie. Laura told him everything, that she waited, it was hard waiting and when her cat died that was the end of her waiting. They never once went into why she was alive.

During this, they were being spied on. One of Wednesday’s crows was following Shadow and let Wednesday know that Laura was talking to Shadow. Meanwhile Laura asked Shadow to get her a pack of smokes. While he was out, Wednesday decided to try to talk to Shadow. They were rudely interrupted when the police showed up to arrest them both for bank robbery.

Wednesday and Shadow were taken to the station and placed in separate interrogation rooms. Wednesday acted like a senile old man while Shadow said nothing but “lawyer.” Anyone who’s been in the justice system before would definitely call for a lawyer. However, this detective was very curious into Shadow’s situation. She knew that something was up, and wanted to get to the truth.

After she offered to Shadow to let him walk if he gave her information since the people who turned Shadow and Wednesday in, were evidently bigger than just a bank robbery. Shadow loosened up after that. He wanted to talk with Wednesday beforehand though.

Meanwhile, Wednesday was telling the other detective the whole truth which sounded like total and complete utter nonsense to the detective. Yet, while Wednesday and Shadow were alone together, Wednesday got out of his handcuffs with the help of a spider. Wednesday knew that they needed to get out of there quick.

That was put on hold when they were barged in by those who they are waging this war against. Media appeared first. She was floating, dressed as Marilyn Monroe. She came to give Wednesday a proposition. They were offering to make an Odin Missile Guiding Satellite that can bring Mr. Wednesday a ton of bloodshed in his name, to make him more powerful. However, Wednesday wasn’t biting.

Yet, that’s when Mr. World made his first appearance. He wanted Tech Boy to apologize for lynching Shadow. He also wanted Wednesday to stop waging this war against them and also unhooked Shadow’s handcuffs, offering for Shadow to punch Tech Boy. Shadow refused. Yet during the conversation, Tech Boy started to get very mouthy to the point where he did get punched in the face. It wasn’t by anyone other than Media. Mr. World, Media and Tech Boy took their leave and that’s when Shadow and Wednesday decided that it would be a good idea to get out of the police station as well.

During the escape, they found that Mr. World, Media and Tech Boy killed everyone in the police station. However while Shadow getting out of there, he was attacked by a tree who sliced him open. Shadow and Wednesday got out of there and went back to the hotel to pick up their car.

All during this, Laura had been waiting for Shadow to come back. He didn’t, but someone else came after her. Mad Sweeney had found Laura and demanded his coin back. She refused and there was a fight. Two officers came back to search the hotel and found Mad Sweeney drowning Laura in the bathtub. He was arrested and Laura pretended to be dead, which was easy for her.

Laura was taken to the morgue where she made her escape back to the motel to wait for Shadow. Mad sweeney on the other hand was able to escape when the two officers who took him to the police station were killed by the tree who sliced up Shadow. He also returned to the motel.

When Laura returned, she saw Wednesday and Shadow’s car and she tried chasing after it. Wednesday and his birds saw Laura, and Wednesday who was driving hit the gas and got them out of there. He’s afraid that Laura will ruin his plans.

Laura then went to the front office to try to find her car. It was towed since she was ‘dead’ and that’s when Mad Sweeney found her. Mad Sweeney wants his coin and Laura want’s Shadow safe, so they decided to steal a cab and go after Shadow.

The driver caught them in the act, and the driver turned out to be Salim. He’s on a journey to find his jinn and decided to help Laura and Mad Sweeney with a ride as long as Mad Sweeney helped him. He trusted Mad Sweeney since he walked in on Mad Sweeney announcing that he is a Leprechaun to Laura. The three of them were off.

The Feels

The further we go into this series, the more I don’t know what’s going on or who the character are anymore. NONE of what happened in this episode happened in the book. Mad Sweeney never met Laura, Salim never left his Coming to America bit. Wednesday and Shadow were never arrested for the bank robbery together and no officer ever took interest in Shadow’s story. It was another episode of things that didn’t happen in the book. The only thing that did happen was that Shadow did find Laura sitting on his bed and they talked for a bit before she disappeared.

I mean, I am interested to see how this Mad Sweeney team up with Laura works out. I am kind of sad that they brought back Salim as a love sick man looking for his jinn. In the book it ended up perfectly. The jinn and Salim both got what they wanted, a new life. The jinn was a salesman and Salim became a cabby, not answering to his brother-in-law anymore. I thought that story ended perfectly since they made each other’s dreams come true. Now Salim is a love sick man looking for his lover who left after a one night stand.

So we will see. I’ll keep watching.

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