American Gods Episode 4 Git Gone Review

American Gods Episode 4 Git Gone Review

Sunday night brought us the newest episode of American Gods, Git Gone. This episode wandered off from the pages of the book and explored the life of Laura Moon before and after death.

The Episode

Laura Moon was a woman who didn’t have much to live for. She worked in a casino as a thankless card dealer. She hated her job, she hated her life. All she had at home was her cat, Woody Woodpecker cartoons and her hot tub. She tried to commit suicide with bug spray and the hot tub, but couldn’t do it.

That’s when Shadow Moon, a smooth talking handsome man trying to rob her casino. He came to her table and seeing all the signs, she told him not to do it. After Laura’s shift, Shadow approached her and asked if she wanted to help him rob the casino. She refused and they hit it off right away.

Shadow and Laura got married, he moved into her house but Laura was not happy. Shadow was but Laura wasn’t. So, she convinced him to do his original plan , robbing the casino. She had it planned out perfectly and Shadow was hesitant, but did it anyways. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Shadow was unlucky and got caught. Laura offered to tell the judge that she was the master planner behind it. Shadow told her no, that he would take the 6 years and get out in three. Which is what they did and Laura told him she would wait for him.

She tried her best, but after her cat died and Shadow’s best friend Robbie came over to help bury the cat, they started a thing. It was going to last until Shadow got back. Sadly, when Laura and Robbie were out getting supplies for the surprise party for Shadow, Laura gave Robbie a goodbye blow job, which lead to Robbie crashing the car and they both died.

Laura then met Mr. Jacquel and he took her to the scales. She knew her heart was heavier than a feather and when he told her what her fate was, she told him that she wasn’t going with him. That’s when she was blasted back to the real world and dug herself out of her final resting place. A bright light lead her to Shadow hanging from a tree surrounded by Tech Boy’s men. She killed them all and lost her arm in the process. But she saved Shadow. She returned home and cleaned herself up.

She then went to Robbie’s house and tried to stitch her arm back to her body. Audrey found her and screamed, but after an embarrassing run to the toilet for Laura involving embalming fluids, Audrey calmed down. Audrey told Laura that Robbie was dead and she helped Laura sew on her arm. Laura then asked for a ride and Audrey drove her in the direction of the light where Shadow was. That’s when in the middle of the road, Mr. Jacquel and Mr. Ibis intercepted.

They took Laura, fixed her arm up and made her look better in their funeral parlor. Afterwards, Laura went to the motel where Shadow was suppose to go and she waited for him until he finally showed up.

The Feels

None of this happened in the book except for Laura saving Shadow and her coming back to life. In fact, I don’t know who this Shadow Moon is. Shadow was the person who kept his head down low and avoided trouble. He was the smart kid who loved reading and coin tricks. Shadow only beefed up so he wouldn’t be beat up anymore. He wasn’t charismatic, he was just a quiet strong man.

Also, that wasn’t how Shadow got thrown into prison. They had decided to rob someone who had stolen from him and Laura. He beat the shit out of them, and that was the only thing he was charged with. The cops never realized it was a robbery. Laura got the money, there was nothing about a casino until Mr. Wednesday goes to try to recruit another god.

This also isn’t the Laura Moon I know either. She wasn’t a woman with no will to live, living for her husband who brought her back. Laura loved her puppy, but Robbie had more life to him. This Shadow is full of life, unlike the book Shadow. This just makes Laura even more of a horrible person than she was. Plus, Laura is just so boring now.

As you can tell, I didn’t care much for this episode. It strayed from the pages and created characters I don’t know anymore. I don’t know this Shadow Moon and I don’t know this Laura Moon. Audrey never knew that Laura was alive, which screws up a part later in the book. Though, it was fun to see Dane Cook as Robbie. I haven’t seen him in years.

American Gods premiers Sunday nights on STARZ.


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