American Gods Episode 2 The Secret of the Spoons Review

The Secret of the Spoons Review

Sunday night premiered the second episode of American Gods called, The Secret of the Spoons. Shadow’s story moved forward as things became stranger in this world.

The Episode

The episode opened with another section of Coming to America. This time there was a ship full of slaves that were being brought to this strange new land. One of the slaves prayed to his god, Anansi. He prayed to understand why he was there and for a way to escape. Thus, Anansi appeared on this ship.

This Anansi was an angry god and told his follower and all the others in the ship, that they would be in servitude the rest of their lives. That this will continue for hundreds of years and when they think they are free, they will be shot down by the police. Anansi gave them a way out though, told them that they could escape their bounds and burn the ship down. It would be a sacrifice for the greater good. Which is what they ended up doing. On the wreckage of the ship, the African trickster god made it to America.

Shadow’s story continued. He was able to escape being hung from a tree with a couple of wounds. But nevertheless, he survived. He was angry at Wednesday for putting him in this situation, but when Wednesday promised more money Shadow decided to stay. After packing up his and Laura’s house, Shadow and Wednesday hit the road.

They were headed for Chicago, but had to make a stop where Wednesday sent Shadow to the store for a few items. There, another god decided to make contact though the display televisions. Dressed up as Lucy Ball from the I Love Lucy show, she tried to make him an offer to come to her team. This freaked out Shadow and he left and had told Wednesday what had happened. Wednesday told him to either accept what happened as truth or to just pretend it was in his head, whatever Shadow decided was for Shadow alone.

Shadow and Wednesday made it to Chicago where they went to the house of Zorya Vechernyaya and Zorya Utrennyaya. They didn’t want Wednesday there, but Wednesday wasn’t there to talk to them. He wanted to talk to Czernobog, and decided to wait there for him to return. Thus Zorya invited them both for dinner as they waited for Czernobog.

Yet when Czernobog returned, he was not happy to see Wednesday either. Wednesday wanted to recruit him to be on his side. In order to get Czernobog to join them, Shadow played Czernobog in a game of checkers. The wage was, if Shadow beat Czernobog then Czernobog joins them. Yet, if Shadow lost then Czernobog gets to take his giant hammer and crush Shadow’s skull with it. Shadow lost.

The Feels *and Some Spoilers*

Being that I am a fan of the book, I was confused by what happened in this episode’s Coming to America segment. Anansi is the happy go luck trickster god from African folklore. He was always so clever and a storyteller. I have loved Anansi since watching Wishbone back in the day, when they told stories of him and Wishbone the dog dressed up as a spider. So seeing an angry Anansi who didn’t spin a story and was bloodthirsty, really confused me. Even Anansi in the book wasn’t this blood thirsty. It felt more of a political statement instead of keeping true to the character, but that’s just me. Mr. Nancy is one of my favorite characters, so seeing him become a political statement was a little off putting.  

Also, I wasn’t expecting to see Media so quickly either. They must have been pretty excited for the I Love Lucy part. Gillian Anderson not only looked but was pretty amazing in that role. I’m so happy they kept the part of, “Wanna see Lucy’s tits?” Probably one of my most favorite parts in the book, Shadow will now be disturbed for a bit.

I was also to see the Zorya sisters. Cloris Leachman was fantastic as Zorya Vechernyaya. She is one of my all time favorite actresses. Can you believe she’s 91 years old and is still acting? Her performance blew me away. It was quite frankly amazing and convincing.

Overall, American Gods is still somewhat following the book, which I appreciate. I really hope that the modern version of Mr. Nancy (Anansi) is more like the book version when he’s introduced into Shadow’s life. However, Peter Stormare was casted perfectly for Czernobog which I’m pretty excited about. I really can’t wait for the next episode.

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