American Gods is Coming

American Gods is Coming

One of my favorite writers has been Neil Gaiman for almost ten years now. He’s brought us wonderful stories like Stardust, Neverwhere and Anansi Boys. However, one of my favorite books that he has written happens to be American Gods. I’m so excited that American Gods is coming to TV April 30th.

The Book

American Gods is about a man named Shadow Moon, who is down on his luck. He was imprisoned for several years for a robbery he didn’t want to commit. However, right when he was getting out his wife died in a car accident along with his best friend. Turns out, his wife was cheating on Shadow with his best friend. Which is just another hit to what Shadow had left in this world.

Shadow didn’t really have anything, until a suspicious man who called himself Mr. Wednesday appeared offering Shadow a job. Shadow, not really having much of an option decided to accept this position. Little did Shadow know, he was getting himself into much more than bargained for. Let’s just say, the gods are real and they’re ready to battle.

The Feels

Since American Gods is coming to television, I decided that it was time to reread one of my favorite stories. So far, I’m on pg 282 out of 588 and have until April 30th to finish. Well, since it has several episodes I don’t think I have to have it all read, but I hope to have it finished by the 30th.

One of the things I hope for in the series, is that they show the carousel scene at the House on the Rock in it’s true brilliance. It’s one of the most magical parts in the book where the gods reveal themselves to Shadow and argue about what to do about Mr. Wednesday’s problem.

Plus I really hope they show how good Shadow is at becoming who Mr. Wednesday tells him to be in certain scenarios, like Mike Ainsel or Andy Haddock. It’s something magical since he was able to pull those characters off so well all without thinking too much. Maybe Shadow Moon is more than just a convicted felon with a few coin tricks. You will see.

I’m so excited though, that American Gods is coming to TV. April 30th is the day and will premier on Starz.

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