American Gods Book Reivew

American Gods Book Review

I was able to finish re-reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, just in time for the premier of American Gods on Starz April 30th. American Gods is one of my favorite books, so when I heard that the TV series was coming I had to re-read the book. Thus, this is my American Gods Book Review.

The Book

American Gods follows the story of Shadow Moon, a man down on his luck. He had gotten in trouble for a robbery and went to prison for several years for his crime. However, right before the day he was suppose to get out, his wife and his best friend were in a car accident that killed them both. Because of this, Shadow was released from prison a day early to go to her funeral. On the way back home, the devastated Shadow met a strange man who offers him a job. Little does Shadow know the world of trouble he’s getting himself into.

The Feels *Spoilers*

The gods are real, and some of them are angry enough to go to war with one another. Or at least, that’s what you’re lead to believe the entire book when you find out that the gods are real. The thing I have always loved about this book, is the fact that if these things really existed, this whole situation could happen and no one would ever know about it. That if someone worships enough or sacrifices enough to one belief, that that belief would manifest itself into human form and walk among us. Could you imagine if that were true, how many abandoned gods there would actually be? How many new gods there would be created daily? Like the Facebook god or anything like that. They would manifest themselves and walk among us.

Also, I really like Shadow. He was a lost puppy who ended up becoming not only a man, but a man who can stand up to what he believes is wrong. This whole story, Shadow grew so much. It was harsh realities that made it to where he could grow though. Mostly it was Laura telling him that he may be alive, but he’s not living. Plus, even though Shadow acted like he was nothing but muscles, he wasn’t. He was smart, but really didn’t care that he was.

Over all, I’m really excited to see this book come to life. I’m excited for Bilquis, Mr. Ibis, Czernobog, Mr. Nancy, pretty much all of them. Plus, Gillian Anderson is playing Media. I really can not wait.  Do you think that after American Gods is over, that they would make an Anansi Boys TV series too? One can only hope.

American Gods premiers Sunday April 30th on Starz.



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