Agent BOrk on Game Jolt

Agent BOrk on Game Jolt

Are you looking for a game involving an undercover agent trying to uncover a corrupt mayor’s secrets? Do you like dogs? Well, you might be interested in Agent BOrk which is currently out on Game Jolt!

The Game

You are Agent BOrk, an undercover spy trying to take down a corrupt mayor who is believed to be taking international bribes. You have to infiltrate his apartment, which is heavily guarded by security. The only way to get in is to have Agent BOrk’s consciousness placed into a dog’s body. This is exactly what Agent BOrk’s boss does.

Now that you have access to the mayor’s apartment, you have to avoid the security guards so they don’t become suspicious. However, if you do draw their attention you have to fake it till you make it. The fighting mechanism is you trying to convince the security guards that you’re the mayor’s dog. You do this by doing tricks. However, if your BV (believability)falls below 0, your cover is blown. Can you uncover what secrets the mayor is hiding? It’s up to you Agent BOrk!

The Feels

I love the concept of a secret undercover agent dog. It’s so cute. I am also loving the whole feel of this game. It feels like an old spy film with the black and white color scheme and the jazzy music. It’s a fun game to listen to if you’re into that sort of thing. Plus, Agent BOrk is super cute with his spy glasses.

The only complaint I have with this game would be the convincing sequences. It’s hard to gauge how much convincing you have to do for the guards. I ended up spending all the tennis balls and dog treats I found, trying to get my BV and NRG (energy) back up. But in the end with all my convincing, it wasn’t good enough and my cover kept being blown. It’s also hard to gauge what the guard’s line of sight is as well.

Though, Agent BOrk is a super cute game. It’s currently out on Game Jolt and is a “Name Your Price” game, so you pay whatever you want to pay. It’s also a great game for kids to play as well.

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