IMG_6398I’m Mattie aka PewPewCat and I thank you for taking time out of your day to come to my website! I am a geeky gamer girl who is passionate about blogging and being immersed in the things I love. I’m here to bring you my thoughts on the games that are currently taking over my life and to randomly geek out about TV shows or movies I am into.

For over three years, I had blogged for a different site and am excited to start my own. I love video games of all types including Indie and mobile and even dabble in table top gaming. I also am a major geek and follow TV shows like Agents of SHIELD, Flash, Arrow, the Walking Dead and many more. Since I am from the Denver metro area, I highly enjoy attending Denver Comic Con and have been to it every year since.

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This is Agent Carter, the boss, the entertainment and the face of PewPewCat’s Caturday posts on Twitter and Facebook. She’s a loving picky cat who every now and then gets super picky about the things she eats. She loves chasing things on a string, running around the house like a crazy person and loves to bite my toes or nose while I am sleeping.

Agent Carter
Agent Carter

Agent Carter was adopted by me from the Denver Dumb Friends League, July of 2015. I had only to go look at the kitties, but upon hearing Agent Carter’s story and seeing that she had been there the longest out of all the other kittens, I had to meet this little kitten. Agent Carter was labeled as special needs and had been abandoned by her owner while all the other kittens had been strays. The fact that Carter had known what it was like to have a home and then to end up in a small cage, broke my heart. However, when I went to visit this small, frail chocolate point siamese who was named Stella at the time, Stella jumped in my arms and wouldn’t be put down or go to anyone else. She also bit me a couple of times.

From there, it was love and I took her home. Turns out, they thought Agent Carter had a disease called rodent ulcers, but it was actually a really bad upper respiratory infection. Carter does however have a genetic disorder where her body is rejecting her teeth and the vet predicts she will loose all of her teeth by the age of two. She’s adapting though, and this doesn’t affect her eating. She still has all of her pointy canine teeth.

Carter loves attention, internet fame and kitty treats.

To adopt your own amazing friend you can go to the Denver Dumb Friends League at:  http://www.ddfl.org/