A Geek Out Over Sarah’s Scribbles

A Geek Out Over Sarah’s Scribbles

Lately, I’ve been reading a few web comics to help pass the time and find someone/ something to relate to. I’ve gravitated towards Sarah’s Scribbles due to some of her comics relating to anxiety. As I have admitted before, I do have anxiety. Thus, I’m going to geek out over Sarah’s Scribbles for a moment.

I am an introvert that suffers from low self esteem and anxiety. However, I’m working on getting better about these issues. Yet, when I find a web comic that explores topics like these, it helps me to feel that I’m not alone in this cruel world. That there are people like me out there who are successful and can do things that they love. These comics not only make me laugh, but they inspire me. There are people out there who know what I go though!

Also, Sarah’s Scribbles doesn’t only talkĀ about the character’s issues with low self esteem and anxiety. It talks about girl issues. More specifically, mother nature’s little evil present that comes every month. This was a taboo subject in my house when I was growing up. Periods suck. However, reading Sarah’s Scribbles comics on the issue definitely help me believe that I’m more normal when that time of the month comes around. I feel her pain, I really do. Plus, it helps me believe that I don’t turn into a monster around that time of the month.

On top of that all, I’m super excited that Sarah Andersen, the one person behind Sarah’s Scribbles is going to be doing a book signing tonight at the Tattered Cover at Aspen Grove in Littleton, Colorado. It’s not close, but it’s close enough to me to make the drive. Which, I’m super excited for.

Either way, I love this web comic and I am super excited to meet Sarah Anderson! If you haven’t heard of it, you should totally check it out.

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