Demon Knight Masquerade Ball THIS FRIDAY

Demon Knight Masquerade Ball

This Friday night, if you’re looking to celebrate the spookiest time of the year, you might want to check out the Demon Knight Masquerade Ball. It’s going to be a night of music, scary costumes and horror legends.

Demon Knight Masquerade Ball

For starters, the Demon Knight Masquerade Ball will have rockin’ bands  like ROCKISSITY. They are a KISS tribute band voted the 3rd best in Colorado by the Westword. Also, another local Colorado band called The Hallow will also be preforming. They’re known as an amazing upcoming band.

On top of that, they have guests like the original Jason from Friday the 13th who will be preforming in his bank, First Jason. Plus, the master of ceremonies is John Kassir the voice from, Tales From the Crypt. There is also going to be Alex Vincent in attendance, the guy who played the young boy from Child’s Play. I don’t know about you, but Chucky freaked me out when I was younger.

Demon Knight Masquerade Ball

Funny story, I was staying with my cousin while my aunt was out of town. I had a health class where I had to take care of the robotic baby. That night,  my cousin decided that us watching Child’s Play was an awesome idea. Needless to say, a doll you can hear breathing after watching a movie about a killer doll… I didn’t sleep much that night.

Either way, this event is bound to be an amazing time. If you an avid fan of Halloween, this is not an event to pass by on. The special guests are even going to be signing autographs. Don’t miss this awesome event.

 Demon Knight Masquerade Ball

Gothic Theater

Friday, October 28th 8pm-11pm

$15 pre show, $18 at door

More info:


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